How To Prepare Your Home For Selling

Many homeowners worry about preparing their house to put it on the market. It can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start and what to focus on. Sometimes just looking at all the “stuff” you have collected in the basement, garage, or attic is enough to make a homeowner want to postpone listing the home for sale! It may look like a lot, but there are basic steps to take that will prioritize tasks and easily get your ready to sell.

Here’s where to begin:

  1. Ask a Realtor what needs to be done – Some homes are ready to show without much effort from the homeowner. Some just need the clutter removed or closets cleaned out to really show off the space. Other homes have rooms in need a fresh coat of paint or the carpet cleaned. Asking for advice doesn’t mean you must do these tasks, but I can help you prioritize the things that will make your home show better and appeal to more buyers.
  2. Pick a room in need of some TLC – It helps not to look at the big picture if you feel overwhelmed by your list of tasks. So, pick a room, preferably an important one to buyers, like the living room or kitchen and start decluttering and organizing.
  3. Pack up items you don’t need – You are moving and will need to pack at some point, so you might as well start now. Packing up out of season clothing, decorations and even personal items like collections of family pictures, trophies, and collectables can really open up space in closets, shelves and even the walls.
  4. Clean every room like guests are coming – Yes, buyers are kind of like guests. They will probably notice if the bathroom isn’t clean or if the floor is covered in dog hair. Wash floors, clean carpets, get bathroom fixtures sparkling. Make each room look fresh, welcoming and spic and span.
  5. Boost your curb appeal – A buyer’s first impression can set the tone for how they feel about a property. Clean away debris in your yard, mow the lawn – if needed, add a seasonal wreath or potted plant by the front entry and put down a new welcome mat. Make your house say “welcome home” to potential buyers as they arrive.
  6. Make needed repairs – If there is something in need of repair, it is best to fix it before buyers start viewing the home. Show them that the home is well maintained and that there isn’t a list of repairs they must deal with after they buy.

Preparing your home to sell doesn’t have to stressful. Focus on getting the house clean, uncluttered and ready for buyers. Give me a call. I understand what buyers are looking for and would love to help you prepare to showcase your home at its best.

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