Researching Your New City or Town

The Southern New Hampshire – Northern Massachusetts area is a great place to live. Because of its attractiveness, every year many people move here from other states. Others move from one town to another within the states. This article is for those who are thinking of moving and who want to know about the city or town to which they are considering relocating.

You may get an impression of a town by driving around, checking local newspapers for recent articles (easily done online), looking at its entry in Wikipedia, etc.

You can find more in-depth background information by checking some of the community statistical websites that are available. The state of New Hampshire’s Community Profiles site ( is a good place to begin looking. This website has basic city and town economic and statistical data such as tax rates, population characteristics, distance to major cities, lists of major employers and recreational opportunities, etc.

New Hampshire City Data ( and Massachusetts City Data ( have a wealth of details that can answer just about any question you may have on a town’s population, home values, crime, employment, weather, education, health, etc. They even list the radio stations that offer the best reception. The charts and graphs make many of the statistics much easier to understand than plain statistical sites.

For information on schools, see my Checking on School Systems page. For information on property taxes, see my Property Tax Rates page.

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