The Best Time of Year to List Your Home

When is the best time to list your home for sale? April through July typically exceeds all the other times of the year when it comes to new listings and home sales. But, there are several benefits to each of the four seasons of the year when it comes to listing your home and successfully selling it.

The months of April, May, and June are referred to as the Spring Buyers Season for a good reason. Spring through early summer remains a popular time for sellers to list their home because of the upcoming school year. There are motivated buyers with children that want to be settled into their new home and have their kids ready to start at a new school when that school year begins.

But, there are huge benefits to listing your home in the Fall. From the curb appeal that beautiful fall foliage provides to the absence of summer vacation schedules, it is often an easier time of year to get your house ready for buyers and for buyers to find the time to start their home search.

Winter can be a slower period when it comes to homeowners deciding to list their home for sale, but that just means that all the serious buyers out there have fewer options to choose from. So, as a seller, you have less competition. Buyers also tend to be more serious in the winter. They are not simply browsing homes on a beautiful summer day but are motivated to find a home and place an offer. Winter is also a perfect time for a house to show beautifully – with tasteful holiday décor that gives buyers a warm, homey feeling that inspires them to place an offer.

In most New England markets, buyer demand remains greater than the number of home listings available. This means that there really isn’t a “best time” to list your home for sale as long as you are ready to sell.

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