The New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority

The NH Housing Finance Authority is a great resource for New Hampshire residents who are considering the purchase of a home, especially first-time home buyers. The organization was established 30+ years ago by the state “to promote, finance and support affordable housing opportunities and related services for New Hampshire families and individuals…” It is not a state agency and receives no public funds. The NHHFA’s website outlines their programs.

The agency offers fixed rate mortgages to low- and moderate-income home buyers (families with an income of less than $ 110,000); it provides rental assistance to low-income families and individuals; it assists homeowners going through financial difficulties; and it finances the development of quality, affordable rental housing in New Hampshire.

The Authority’s mortgage rates are very competitive, and they work with banks and other mortgage lenders. Their mortgage loans require little or no down payment. They also offer home rehabilitation loans of up to $ 40,000.

A list of institutions offering their loans is available by clicking here.

The NHHFA sponsors seminars to help would-be home buyers learn about mortgages, using a real estate agent, how to get pre-approved, and if home ownership is right for them. They also offer several booklets with valuable information for people considering buying a home; see their publications webpage.

Only a small percentage of NH Realtors have been specially trained in the many programs available from the NHHFA. I am one of them, so if you’re interested in their programs, please don’t hesitate to give me a call! You may call me at 603-321-9895 or email me at

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