Why You Need a Buyer’s Agent

Working with an experienced buyer’s agent can make homebuying easier, but did you know it can save a buyer money, time and stress? Having an agent working specifically to protect you, the buyer, is vital when it comes to making educated decisions and when it comes time to negotiate on the sales price.

You may think that getting all your answers from the seller’s agent is fine, but keep in mind they do not work for you. The seller’s agent works for the seller to get them the most money possible for their property. Sharing too much about yourself, your desperate search for the perfect home or details about your finances can be a mistake.

Here are the facts:

  • A few decades ago all agents involved in a real estate transaction legally represented the seller. The evolution of the “buyer’s agent” came about in the mid-1980s as it became clear that buyers also deserved and wanted an agent representing their best interests – not the seller’s.
  • State licensing officials and trade organizations now require agents to disclose whether they are working for the seller or the buyer – and most buyers have learned it is wise to have their own representation.
  • Once you sign a buyer agency contract with an agent, he/she becomes your buyer agent; your buyer’s agent represents you, the buyer, with full confidentiality. Legally they are not allowed to disclose your personal motives or financial intentions to the sellers or their agent – for example, say you are really willing, and able, to pay more. That remains secret.
  • Typically, the buyer’s agency commission is paid from the proceeds of the closing, just as any other agent is paid. So, there is no added cost for the buyer.
  • Your agent can locate a property that is perfect for you, sometimes just as it is hitting the market – they have the inside scoop.
  • A buyer’s agent brings experience and negotiating skills to the table and knows the language of real estate. They may be able to negotiate with the seller and selling agent to obtain the lowest price possible.

Hiring a buyer’s agent makes finding a home that fits your needs and your dreams so much easier and less stressful. You need a buyer’s agent if you want to be able to ask questions and share your needs and challenges without worrying it will somehow help the seller’s price strategy.

You gain complete confidence that you can ask your buyer’s agent any questions that come to mind, because everything is confidential. This type of agent works for you to serve your interests – not the sellers. As an experienced buyer’s agent, I would be pleased to offer my experience and knowledge in helping you buy the perfect home. Please give me a call.

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